Free Abandoned Recovery

FREE* Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Specialists in the removal of abandoned vehicles & possessions including:

  • Abandoned Cars
  • Abandoned Motorbikes
  • Abandoned Vans

We also specialise in the removal of abandoned vehicles in multi-level underground car parks.

At MCR ONE COLLECTIONS LTD, we recognise the inconvenience that abandoned vehicles can create. They look untidy, obstruct spaces and may even pose health and safety risks. With hazards such as broken glass, oil leaks and missing wheels they are generally a nuisance to all. Our team of experts can promptly and efficiently advise on removing them from your land.

If a vehicle is deemed abandoned and all efforts to get the owner to collect it fail there is a procedure under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 to remove and dispose the vehicle.

We can remove any Abandoned motor vehicle left on private land after a TORT notice has been applied and we receive relevant paper work for its removal.

Our abandoned vehicle service includes:

TORT noticed served by one of our trained Agents.

Removal of the abandoned vehicle to our secure compound for storage.

We manage the sale or disposal of the vehicle.

All this is done at no cost to you the customer. We aim to recover our costs from the vehicle owner.

*Free recovery service applies to the North West of England. A small charge may apply outside of this area.

*Restrictions apply on larger commercial vehicles and caravans.


Please use this form to submit an enquiry about removing a vehicle from private land. Please be advised that in order to legally remove a vehicle from private land, we must be satisfied that it is definitely abandoned and so it must meet certain criteria. If the vehicle does not meet this criteria, we are, unfortunately, unable to remove the vehicle.