Asset recovery

We specialise in locating assets

We specialise in locating assets on behalf of our clients by using our state-of-the-art. ANPR technology. Our network of recovery agents operate within the North West of England including north wales rural Cumbria and Lancashire. Agents maximise the ANPR footprint by concentrating on the same area and mutually supporting each other in locating evasive vehicles that are often missed by regular methods. We can securely upload your data via our server and provide images of HITS real-time via email.

Our agents will then secure the asset awaiting further instructions regarding uplift. They can then be transported and stored securely at our Manchester compound just off the M60 motorway.

Please contact us directly to discuss using our services.

To purchase your own ANPR devices head over to our sister company

Asset recovery

Vehicles Seized Under A Warrant

If your vehicle has been seized under a court order you will be responsible for the payment of storage costs. Charges are £20 +VAT per day and must be made directly to us. Please note your vehicle will not be released unless payment confirmation has been sent to us directly from the enforcement agent/company.
Collection is by appointment only